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Jun. 9th, 2010 06:19 pm
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You know how I'm always complaining about yaoi manga?  Yea, well, it seems that I may have struck a goldmine, because in the last few days I've found one series after the other that I've genuinely liked. Of course all of them have things that are cliche, but at this point I've realized that I'm not going to find the perfect manga that's flawless by my standards.  So I might as well enjoy what I can find, and some days I'm just in the mood to see sexy boys pumping each other's meat. Some days I could really give a shit how probable it may be.


And I've been wanting to rec all these manga to the awesome [livejournal.com profile] butterflygirl_3, but because I don't want to spam her with comments, I've decided to just compile everything in this post. I can use it as my own personal library to go back to, too XD

Dark Road
Summary: A fairly smutty oneshot about two gruff men descending further into the criminal underworld as they embrace their perversions, their disgust, and their affections for one another.
My Thoughts: A pretty short oneshot. The plot is really lacking and leaves much to be desired (exactly what/who are they working for, for example?), but the boys are just so damn sexy. Guys with eye-patches, tattoos, piercings, and guns? Yea, totally my type 8D This is actually the first yaoi manga I've read with men that appeal to my personal preferences. 
Warnings: Violence!!

Heaven's Love
Summary: Cry fell for Sig the moment he saw him at school, and though they became good friends, the relationship never progressed to what Cry wanted. But when Cry's overprotective brother Hard becomes jealous of him branching-out and having friends, Sig begins to see things in a new light. The second half of the manga focuses on Hard. As Cry drifts away towards independence, what will Hard do, since his sole purpose in life was to protect his brother...?
My Thoughts: This one focuses on two different couples, but my favorite happens to be the second one that starts with chapter four. At first I almost didn't read the whole thing because the bottom of the first couple was too young and "uke-ish" for me (physically), but then he grew on me... As for the second couple, they're both pretty equal in appearance (meaning relatively similar in physical height/build), which is exactly the way I like it : ) And there's nothing like a calm, dark-haired guy trying to tame (or at least subdue/win over) the "wild beast". And to have that beast be more accommodating than you originally thought? UNF. I am so not relating this to my own personal Akon/Grimm/Akon >_>
Warnings: Um, some allusions to incest... but nothing actually happens (I don't think... LOL XD) 

Kimi Wo Mukaeni
Summary: Ryuu left his small town for a better life in Tokyo, but after four years he feels trapped in a job he doesn't like and a tiny apartment. When Tatsushima, an old friend from his home town, shows up out of the blue to take him home will Ryuu be willing to give up his boring life in the city?
My Thoughts: I think it's safe to say that I pretty much like anything by this author -- except for Inferior Doll, that one was just weird. But this story had a sweet seme that I couldn't help loving! XD Oh, and I liked the first couple better than the second one :) AND there's some more Sig/Cry in the very last chapter.

Aijin Incubus
Summary: Fujimaru is your average adolescent boy - horny and girl-crazed. Like many boys his age, he enjoys spending 'alone time' in the bathroom with erotic magazines, doing... you know. Unlike many boys his age, Fujimaru has a demon incubus, Rei, lurking about his house. Rei wants nothing more than to feed off of Fujimaru's perverted mind! Now Fujimaru's life has become strained with being a normal boy whose raging hormones are the source of a demonic incubus's food.
My Thoughts: Ok, this one is just TOO fucking hilarious to pass up. Just look at that summary. I'd talk about all the other things I found hilarious (and there are many 8B) but then I'd spoil it for the rest of you.
Warnings: There is tentacle rape. No, seriously, I'm not joking. It's blatantly invasive/violating, and looks downright painful at one point. But the tone of it turns out to be so... not serious -- especially with Rei's comments -- that it becomes less offensive after the initial surprise of having a tentacle shoved in someone's mouth >_> XD;; But if you can get past this small scene, I think you'll be pleased with the rest of it.

Lollipop Dragoon
SummaryIkeguchi Wataru has a sexual addiction! But the young virgin has to take care of it himself. Logically, of course, this is all caused by a parasitic demon who eats arousal. Maybe that perverted foreign doctor and the Chinese Taoist potions master can solve the problem.
My Thoughts: When I first started reading this one, I wasn't impressed with the art at all. It was almost... cartoonish to me; but the more I read the more I came to appreciate the mangaka's style. Her(?) art is actually very pretty, and very well drawn. And I think it was the Chinese Taoist that won me over, because I thought he was totally sexy. Dark-haired scientist that is mostly expressionless? YES PLEASE, CAN I HAVE A LIFE-LONG SUPPLY? Also, the perverted foreign doctor was awfully similar to Urahara-san, imo, just more girly.
Warnings: It says that it's completed, but it's clearly not =/ There are only three chapters, the last ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger, and there hasn't been an update for over a year. I'm not counting on there being an update anytime soon, if it all. But if you don't mind that, then you're good to go! I know I was happy enough being introduced to the sexy Chinese Taoist.
Extra Note: OH! I thought of you, butterflygirl, when two of the guys sprouted ears and tails ;D 

Hide and Seek
Summary: 1) Hide and Seek Takeru's sister complex is out of control, so when he sees her on a date with his rival Wanigawara he loses it! Fighting together in the street attracts police attention, and the two combatants are forced to hide in a cramped alley. But the atmosphere is strangely exciting... 2) Parallel Punch!! Rising boxer Jin is being hit on by his sponsor, the director of a successful corporation, is wealth enough to knock Jin off his feet or does it take something else? 3) XLL Size Nao keeps his older brother, Masaya, from going to a goukon in a very special way. 4) Youthful Burst Takahashi thinks it's just a little teasing, but he isn't prepared for his classmate's reaction. 5) Black Sixth Class 6) Deep Inside the Back of the Throat What happens after Barou loses to Kosugi in a drunken arm wrestling match? 7) Winter Comes Around 8) Rumor About the Professor 9) Loup-Garou Gokou In a village full of werewolves, everyone is always searching for someone to spend the full moon with because that's when their sex drives are the strongest. Young Ichi is determined to wait for true love, but will he be able to resist the moon's pull, especially when he is pursued by Goroku? 10) Hide and Seek After
My Thoughts: A new one-shot with every chapter. My only complaint? I wish every chapter was its own series, because they're that fucking good. This mangaka has a beautiful style; her men are both pretty and manly, and though sometimes there is a clear distinction between the seme and uke, the line is still blurry enough to please me immensely *g* You want a boxer bottoming to a yakuza? Well here you go :D And there's such a wide range... everything from comedy, to sweet romance, to heart-breaking angst.
My favorite story is Loup-Garou Gokou. It's just so damn... sensual. The entire chapter has a very heavy, sexual tone, and you'll even get glimpses of het and yuri! And again, there was fur and expressive ears (which is really starting to get under my skin the more I see it, if I do say so myself) and tails because they were werewolves *nudges butterflygirl*
Warnings: You might die from blood-loss from all the VERY GRAPHIC smut *___* 

Hinyari Rouka, Mangekyou
Summary: Three separate stories, all centered around school life.
My Thoughts: This collection is by the same mangaka as "Hide and Seek", so expect the same pretty art and highly explicit smut scenes. My favorite couple was the second, but the first couple has a smoking hot sex scene. I've never seen a sex toy like that, so reading it was not only hot as hell, but very educational :D
Warnings: I'm pretty sure that the last couple is incest, though I can't remember exactly even though I just read it a few hours ago ^^;;

Ou to Majin to Mahoutsukai
Summary: Long ago, in a country called Arabia, a beautiful young man stole a mirror from a magician. There is a catch, however; this mirror possesses the power of the devil and whoever holds it will face a life of misery. What will happen when a young magician tries to steal the mirror back?
My Thoughts: The character design for this one-shot (for the seme in particular), is fucking stunning. This too is by the same mangaka, but in comparison to the two collections above, it's surprisingly tame. No sex, just some kissing and a little fondling. Overall a very sweet and visually beautiful story ♥

Crimson Spell
Summary: In order to protect his people from attacking demons, Prince Val uses a demonic sword and curses himself in the process. He leaves his kingdom to find a cure, and his search leads him to Hallwil, the person rumored to be the only one who knows how to break the curse. Hallwil agrees to help Val... for a price.
My Thoughts: butterflygirl was the one who rec'd this to me, and I'm glad she did :D The boys are very pretty; almost too pretty for my own tastes, but they're so well drawn! And the "lines" (what I use to describe how a body looks all stretched out, taut, and trembling) look amazing when they're fucking. The reason for why they start fucking is a little too convenient and ridiculous, but other than I really have no complaints. How can you hate a manga that has a lizard-demon with a bell-collar around its throat? YOU CAN'T XD
And there's one character who reminded me so much of a yaoi version Kensei that I was FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.
Warnings: Severe crackiness, some cross-dressing, etc etc.

Damatte Naite Irunodesu
Summary: Collection of short stories.
My Thoughts: If you're brave enough to try out some bara, THEN HERE YOU ARE. Very cute stories, and all of them switch things up in a such a way that you might be left with wide eyes and mouth agape. My favorite story is "The Knuckleball of Love" :) 
Warnings: Very, very muscular men with lots of body hair. No seriously, it could be frightening for some people.

My Thoughts: There is no summary, and I haven't read this manga in so long that I've actually forgotten which characters are involved... Miyamoto Kano has a lot of multi-chapter stories that are interlaced, so you could end up reading all her works. Which is fine by me, because I did read all of her stories and I'm in love with her style. The art may not be the prettiest on the block, but I think her approach to gay relationships is very unique in comparison to most yaoi authors. If you want something that breaks away from the usual -- a cold, overly-aggressive seme and a blushing, crying uke -- then you should definitely check out Miyamoto Kano :) 

Sex Pistols
Summary: Certain people have evolved from animals other than monkeys, and they can sense each other's animal souls! Filled with love, romance, and even male pregnancy (?!?!), this boys love series is too crazy to be believed... which is why you'll keep coming back for more!
My Thoughts: This one is the worst of the group, which is why I saved it for last. The art is very questionable at times, and there are way too many yaoi cliches. But somehow I was still fascinated by the idea of it (people with cat, snake, and dragon souls?! so cool!), and I ended up liking a lot of the characters. Kunimasa is the hate child of Grimmjow and Byakuya, both in appearance and in demeanor. It's almost uncanny, and I loved every minute of it. I also thought that Yonekuni had a fucking gorgeous character design, and his story was both intriguing and a little depressing at the same time...
The body proportions can be grotesquely off at times, but I like to think that it gets progressively better with every chapter. And even if the mangaka draws freakishly huge hands, she always draws beautiful hair, and some very attractive faces.
You'll find your typical seme/uke relationships in this story, with the majority of semes being much larger than their ukes, and with your typical seme personalities. Cold, serious, scarily possessive, socially disturbed, and even downright psychotic. And of course your doe-eyed ukes, but now that I'm recalling things (I haven't read this manga in a while, actually) I remember that there's only one uke who does the whole blushing/crying thing. Anyway though, those few classic seme/uke relationships aside, there is a rare gem in the middle. Maximillian and David are kind of a breath of fresh air amidst everything, and they fit what I usually look for in a yaoi couple.
Warnings: A lot of the usual seme/uke dynamic, some terrifyingly huge hands, and m-preg. I don't really care for m-preg either way, so I was able to stomach it easily. But I know that some people hate it, haha XP Oh and, this series isn't completed. Its updates are also few and far in between.

AAAAAAAAAAND while I'm at it, I think I'll recommend some anime as well XD

Michiko to Hatchin
SummarySet in what seems to be some kind of alternate-universe Brazil, Michiko to Hatchin tells the story of Hana Morenos. Hana is routinely abused by every single member of her adopted family, who only takes care of her because the government pays them to...until one day, an escaped convict named Michiko Malandro crashes through their kitchen window on a motorcycle, claiming to be Hana's real mother. Confused but willing to do anything to escape, Hana agrees to go with her...
My Thoughts: I so, so loved this series. Finally a group of women that interest me. For so long I've complained about the women of Bleach, because with the exception of Yoruichi (whom I love) they're all pretty boring. I feel that Kubo definitely doesn't take the time to develop them the way he does with the men. And don't even get me started on the women in yaoi -_-;;
So this series was like a tall, sweet (and deliciously tart), refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot S'thern day. I pretty much grew to like every woman that appeared, and hell if I don't want to be like Michiko when I grow up 8B I loved that she was a girly woman -- caring about her appearance and looking pretty in feminine dresses with hoop earrings and lip gloss -- and STILL kicking ass. I also thought that the touch of her being desperately (and quite self-destructively, if you ask me) in love was a nice touch, and the last episode was heart-breakingly touching.
Warnings: None that I can think of, unless you're not a fan of strong (and at times, obnoxious) women :) Also, there's obvious het and yuri throughout.

Speed Grapher
SummaryMore than 10 years have passed since the bubble economy ended. The world has polarized into the wealthy and the poor, and Japan is not an exception. Wealth is pursing its desire and pleasure, and Tokyo has become a city of pleasure. 
Speed Grapher follows the exploits of former war photographer Tatsumi Saiga, who investigates a secret fetish club for the ultra-wealthy called the Roppongi Club. He tries to photograph the club's "goddess," a 15-year-old, exploited girl named Kagura, but is discovered. As he is about to be killed, Kagura kisses him, granting him the ability to destroy anything he photographs.
My Thoughts: At first I wasn't sure what to think of this anime. The first episode is pretty explicit, and though I'm no virgin to explicit material, I'm not really one for prostitutes fingering themselves in some weird fetish club. I'm not for the objectification of women at all, so the first episode almost turned me off to the entire thing... but I was intrigued enough to see where the entire series was going, and ended up watching the whole thing. After the first episode it's significantly less sexually-explicit (which surprised me), though there's still a good amount of graphic violence. And I actually liked to see society portrayed at its worse, with all the decadence... Not in the sense that I found it arousing or anything like that, but in the sense that it made me think. And there was enough "goodness" laced throughout that the moral decline wasn't too overwhelming.
Warnings: A creepy fetish club, too many creepy/perverted men, graphic violence, the molestation of an underage girl, and plenty of het (also some yuri) for those of you who aren't into that sort of thing.

Quote of the day:
My darling Saturn, I seem to break your heart daily
How could I ever neglect to hug you?
You are a planet hugged by a rainbow -- Robeson by Saul Williams
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