Apr. 1st, 2010

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Hokay. I got crafty today. I haven't posted much lately (or at least not anything of use)... My writing is lackluster; not for lack of ideas, but for lack of motivation. I'm not sure what my issue is at this point but whatever. I've noticed for a while now that listening to certain songs puts certain pictures in my head of certain characters. Yes, it's all very CERTAIN. Anyway I decided to keep myself busy by making a soundtrack 8D 


I ended up having a lot of songs so I broke it into two discs... This is my first time zipping a file and trying to upload it, so let me know if the links/files work, ok? 


The order might be all messed up once you've downloaded the songs, so I'm going to put the correct sequence here: 

01.  "I Like Pretending"  by IAMX -- How did I hear this song? The lovely [livejournal.com profile] foxflare . It's an awesome song, and I immediately thought that it'd be a nice theme for my Redemption 'verse. All the boys love pretending.
02.  "Sonne"  by Rammstein -- This song is just epic. The beginnings of GrimmAkon, their love relationship blooming within the shadowed laboratories of the 12th, beneath the glimmering green light illuminating from subject jars.
03.  "Big Man [Transient Mix]"  by Nine Inch Nails -- GRIMMJOW FUCKING JEAGERJAQUES!!
04.  "Whatever (I Had a Dream)"  by Butthole Surfers --  MORE GRIMMJOW FUCKING JEAGERJAQUES!  He has a dream, and it ends with you eating his fist.
05.  "20 Dollar"  by M.I.A. -- Akon enjoys this song -- especially when he's high.
06.  "Sacred Stones"  by Sheila Chandra -- The horned shinigami creeping between operating tables, tweaking this and that of the patients as he wanders by, ignoring their pained whimpers. Or his death, the 12th being reduced to ruins during a surprise hollow attack; Akon's broken body fading to nothing beneath the debris, and Grimmjow's enraged roar.
07.  "Svefn-G-Englar"  by Sigur Ros -- Yea, Grimmjow and Akon have a slow song. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
08.  "Strange Days"  by Syntax -- Smoking and fucking.  Then some more fucking, and some more smoking.
09.  "Teach Me Tiger"  by April Stevens -- .... HOW COULD I NOT PUT THIS ON HERE?!  Are they completely fucking trashed, or does Akon just have a more disturbing sense of humor than we realized? 
10.  "Rude Boy"  by Rihanna -- Yes Abarai Renji loves this song and he ain't ashamed. And Starrk very much enjoys each hip twist at BOOM BOOM BOOM.
11.  "November Has Come"  by Gorillaz -- Because the redhead is gangsta, yo.
12.  "Scooby Snacks"  by Fun Lovin' Criminals -- Because he's even more gangsta now than he was just two seconds ago.
13.  "Exit"  by U2 -- FFFFF most perfect song for Coyote Starrk ever. Go read the lyrics because I demand it. And who could that cryin' dog be, howling at the wind? EH?
14.  "The Riverside Massacre"  by Dj Titch -- Long story... Renji happens by something that he shouldn't have ever happened by... He should leave right then and there and try to erase the image from his mind, but how could he? The Primera Espada kneeling on the floor of Ukitake-taichou's office, naked and with his arms stretched overhead, white blindfold around his eyes. And is that...Shunsui Kyoraku coming up behind him, just as naked and with his curly hair unbound, spilling over broad shoulders? Oh for the love of all that is fucking sacred and holy.
Ok, c'mon, you know that WAH--WAH--WAH--WAH that starts at 53 seconds is soooo porntastic.
15.  "Here Comes Another One"  by Groove Terminator -- The song I was listening to the first time Starrk decided to fight Renji back. The 6th Division fukutaichou really hadn't anticipated just how damned fast the Primera was, and he was becoming winded just from trying to keep a safe distance. But he miscalculated and ended up with one knee on the ground, and the next thing he knew Coyote Starrk was standing directly behind him. One of those gloved hands shot out to grab the shinigami's hair, twisting those blood-red strands around leather-clad fingers... And all Renji could do was stare wide-eyed as Starrk powered a cero from his chest, building just inches away from the redhead's stunned face.


01.  "36 Degrees"  by Placebo -- Look up the lyrics and try to tell me that this song isn't Hisagi Shuuhei.
02.  "Battle for the Sun"  by Placebo -- Kazeshini is a black and heavy weight, and Shuuhei refuses to participate.
03.  "Left My Heart in Tokyo"  by Mini Viva -- Yes, I know. It sounds ridiculously upbeat and poppy, but I just can't stop seeing Shuuhei when I listen to it. It may sound cheerful, but the words are full of cynicism... HE LEFT HIS HEART IN RUKONGAI TOKYO. I have a thing for Shuuhei in drag, specifically geisha drag after this one picture [livejournal.com profile] xglimpsex sent me... So in an AU realm I like to imagine Shuuhei as the pretty boy in geisha drag, using the distraction to cover up the fact that he is really an assassin. Yea, I really think these things >_>
04.  "When You Were Young"  by the Killers -- This song speaks to my Shuuhei.
05.  "Closer"  by Kings of Leon -- Muguruma Kensei. Listen to the lyricssssssss
06.  "Ambition"  by Doves -- Kensei x Shuuhei. This song is unbelievably sad to me for some reason, and I always want to cry when I listen to it ;_;
07.  "B" by Iamamiwhoami--  A Byakuya x Gin song... You don't want to know what I envision for them while listening to this. Or do you?
08.  "The Widow"  by Mars Volta -- My theme song for Kira Izuru. Oh, the anguish in the singer's voice just gives me chills.
09.  "The New Flesh"  by Nine Inch Nails -- Another Kira song, overcome with creeping torment...
10.  "Pretty When You Cry"  by Vast -- Gin x Kira. Told from Gin's perspective, and of course he's pretty when he lies, the same way that Izuru is pretty when he cries...
11.  "I Am the Body Beautiful"  by Salt-n-Pepa -- Ok how could I NOT think of Ayasegawa Yumichika when listening to this song? Oh, he's just so seductive in my mind.
12.  "Baby's on Fire"  by the Venus In Furs -- This song is actually quite random now that I listen to it again...
13.  "Prince Charming"  by Adam & the Ants -- A Yumichika song, respectively. It's just so him. (Can you tell that I'm getting tired at this point? I'm less descriptive with every passing moment...) 
14.  "Save Yourself"  by Stabbing Westward -- Yumichika x Kira. Want to guess which one of them is the singer? 
15.  "Demon Days"  by Gorillaz -- A nice little song to wrap up the series, no?
.::Bonus Track::. 
16. "Local God"  by Everclear
-- Kick ass song is kick ass. Picture this. The Bleach boys in a Romeo + Juliet setting. You know, the actual movie of 1996, with Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes. Now picture this: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Coyote Starrk, and Muguruma Kensei as Montagues. On the flip side, Akon, Hisagi Shuuhei, and Abarai Renji as Capulets. Who do you think is Romeo, eh? Who is Juliet??

Ok it is officially 3:11 am, and sleep is calling... I hope the downloads work, and that all of you enjoy!! You'll see that my taste in music is all over the board... So something in there for everyone? Yes, no? 


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