Apr. 30th, 2010

Apr. 30th, 2010 12:01 pm
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Busy busy busy.

For once, I've actually been busy. And today I'm taking the test to get my driver's license. Yea I'm 19 without my license, so what. It's a long story.

Anyway I'm nervous as fuck, the DMV is by the highway so Kami-sama knows where the tester will tell me to go... I'm freaking out the most over keeping my mouth shut. When I drive with my mom I ask way too many unnecessary questions, lol.  'Should I go now?', 'Is there anyone in that lane, I can't see?'

Must refrain from asking the tester such things...


Once I get this out of the way and some other things, I'll get back to the word prompts, character meme, and comments that I've yet to respond to.

Also seems that I may have hit a small writer's block. The Kensei/Kaien fic I want to write and the next chapter of S&M have been put on the back burner for right now. I'm not sure if it's so much writer's block as my mind being preoccupied with other things. I have an original story in my head that refuses to be quiet. Me, I write original things? Yes, I do it sometimes. The link to the left (titled 'some original work') goes to my journal where I write things that aren't fanfic. I don't have much over there, especially nothing I'm proud of aside from my story Ace.

Anyway, new original story. M/m slash -- naturally. Fucked up characters -- naturally. I like writing dark things outside of fanfic, what can I say. One of the main characters -- Daren -- has a gun fetish and could possibly be schizophrenic. I say possibly because I'm still in the beginning stages of plot, and I've yet to decided if he's officially schizo or just has a vivid, highly disturbed imagination.

Then there's Angie, which is short for 'Angel' because his real name is unknown, and his origins are unknown as well. So Daren took it upon himself to name the guy, and what's more enigmatic than an angel? Besides, Dare looks at Angie and sees him with steel, rusted wings. I told you he was imaginative, heh.

Well, It's going on twelve and I need to stop messing around on the computer and start getting ready. I also need to eat something before I go. If you people never see a post from me again, go ahead and assume that I crashed on my driver's test and suffered an untimely death.

One more thing for [livejournal.com profile] ms_legerdemain ! I recommended Sex/Love Pistols and totally forgot to recommend something that's even better. Miyamoto Kano is my favorite m/m slash writer ever. She has a ton of different stories, some complete and ohers that are still WIPs. I could go into detail about her style but I'll just let you find out for yourself :) 

Here are some links to my favorites: 
Boy Next Door (this one is relatively short)
Rules (long, and with a few different couples)
and Te Wo Tsunaide, Sora Wo (long one too, but not as long as Rules)



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