May. 13th, 2010

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I want to do a meme!!! 

I'm making it myself 8D It was inspired by ms_legerdemain's post, in which she asked how we thought certain Bleach characters received their first kiss. 

So here's how it'll go. You give me a Bleach character, and I'll tell you about their first kiss ♥ I shall call this the 'My First Kiss meme', as inspired by the song that inspired [ profile] ms_legerdemain .

I already did a few at her post, and here they are: 

Kira got his first kiss when he was fairly young, before he entered the academy. He 'stumbled upon' the red light district of Rukongai (c'mon, he's a boy and he was curious), and he lost his virginity that night, too.

Grimmjow's first kiss was Mila Rosa, though it was more a gnashing of teeth and growling and trying to make the other person bleed more than an actual 'kiss'. Then after that nothin' much happened, and he didn't blink an eye when he found out she'd died at FKT.

Kensei's first kiss would've been Kuukaku, but Kaien stole it from them both.

Yumichika's first kiss was a nice girl that worked in tea house he frequented before Ikkaku. She had a crush on him, and he indulged her. But after that kiss he realized that he really did prefer men, lol.


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