May. 14th, 2010

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Ok, I swear this is going to be the last post I make for at least a few days.  I've been working on this playlist project for about a week, and I've finally finished.  It's my Hisagi Shuuhei soundtrack, titled "Stained Sheets, Stained Soul."

There's a specific order for a reason. The sequence is telling Hisagi's story... For all the songs that don't have my notes, I figured they were pretty self-explanatory.

Please enjoy :D

Stained Sheets, Stained Soul @ SENDSPACE

01.  "Sticks and Stones"  by Alien Ant Farm -- My Tousen + Shuuhei song. Fufufu.
02.  "The Battle of One"  by 30 Seconds to Mars
03.  "Little Sin"  by The Toadies -- This one inspired this sentence I did for [ profile] bleach_muses : 
The best thing about real world missions, Grimmjow had concluded, was the effect modern day culture had on Hisagi Shuuhei -- especially now, as he watched the 9th division taicho sway above him, gyrating on top of the bar, a blunt pinched between his fingers and smoke spilling from a lazily upturned mouth; too many "beers" -- a Western drink they'd recently discovered -- and too many shotgun kisses shared between the scarred shinigami and Akon, who was currently sitting beside Grimmjow and watching Shuuhei with dark amusement: yea, moments like this were like little whispers of Hisagi's true self, the blue-haired Sexta determined -- little whispers drifting on the sound of heavy bass from worn speakers, both hauntingly lonely and ravenous in their eagerness to escape the withdrawn shinigami.
04.  "Possum Kingdom"  by The Toadies -- A Grimmjow x Shuuhei song to be specific... Hehe ;) 
05.  "Numb"  by Portishead
06.  "Till the Clouds Clear"  by Lamb
07.  "All the Wild Horses"  by Ray LaMontagne
08.  "Take Off Your Cool"  by Andre 3000 (with Norah Jones) 
09.  "Werewolf"  by CocoRosie
-- My favorite song on the entire playlist. Nnngh, it's just so beautiful *g*
"I don't mean to close the door
But for the record my heart is sore
You blew through me like bullet holes
Left stains on my sheets and stains on my soul."

Yea, take from those lyrics what you will.
10. "Scorn"  by Portishead
11. "Me, I'm Not"  by Nine Inch Nails
12. "Something I Can Never Have"  by Nine Inch Nails
13. "The Great Below"  by Nine Inch Nails
14. "Choke"  by Hybrid
-- The song that inspired my "Choke" fic with Shuuhei and Kira, obviously :)
15. "Vicious Traditions"  by The Veils


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