Aug. 3rd, 2010

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Hey all, I've finally managed to compile my long overdue Mayuri x Yoruichi FST. I'm sure that only a few people will be interested in it, but just so long as someone is, I'll be happy XD I wish I had more goodies to offer you guys, because their relationship is very much a mystery, still, but I've been sucking harder than a whore with rent due in the morning when it comes to writing. Soooooo I'll just leave Mayuri and Yoruichi's angsty fucking "relationship" at this.

Meat-Eating Orchid @SENDSPACE

01. "Cosmic Love"  by Florence + the Machine
02. "Koko"  by Goldfrapp
03. "My Boy Builds Coffins"  by Florence + the Machine
04. "Lights"  by Interpol
05. "Slippage"  by Goldfrapp
06. "With Teeth"  by Nine Inch Nails
07. "Fur Lined"  by How to Destroy Angels
08. "Queer"  by Garbage
09. "Heart-Shaped Box"  by Nirvana
10. "I'm Not the Only One"  by Filter
11. "Reptile"  by Nine Inch Nails
12. "Think Twice"  by Eve 6
13. "Self Esteem"  by The Offspring
14. "It's Gonna Kill Me"  by Filter
15. "Girl With One Eye"  by Florence + the Machine
16. "Pony"  by Ginuwine (this song was [ profile] foxflare 's response to a Yoruichi/Mayuri sentence I did at [ profile] bleach_muses , and since then I haven't been able to think of Yoruichi sexing it up without this song thumping along in the back of my mind.) 

And if anyone's interested in that sentence, here it is: 

Prompt: kink/fetish

Mayuri glared furiously at the yellow-eyed woman, his mouth open wide in a murderous sneer as he struggled to get free from his restraints: he lay sprawled on one of his own lab tables, his wrists bound together above his head, and his feet fastened to a pair of regretfully sturdy stirrups; Shihouin merely grinned at him, her eyes hooded heavily as she let her gaze roam, looking at him from head to bared toe -- his hakama and fundoshi were gone, and his kosode and captain's haori were open to reveal dark, scarred flesh -- before she took hold of both his hips and pulled him down to the edge of the table, eliciting a wide-eyed stare as she pushed his legs apart and rolled her lush hips suggestively, calling his attention to the strap-on appendage (the source of which he would discover later, and make sure to punish the cohort savagely) that she positioned at his entrance, while clicking her tongue and winking coquettishly.

Now I'll be off~ Next on my plate is completing the StarRen and ByaGin FSTs that I've started. So be on the lookout for those in the (hopefully near) future! XD


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