Aug. 10th, 2010 02:30 am
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Ah, I kind of feel like shit right now (my eyes really ache, for one thing), but I spent my entire day working on the two FST that I promised with my last music post: my StarRen, and my GinBya.

I finished them, yay. I'll go ahead and post them here. First up is my StarRen.

Diamond Lupin @MEDIAFIRE

01. "Orchestral Intro"  by Gorillaz
02. "Magic Man"  by Heart
03. "Love Hungry Man"  by AC/DC
04. "I Believe In A Thing Called Love"  by The Darkness
05. "Lady '95"  by Styx
06. "You Make Me Smile"  by Blue October
07. "Amber"  by 311
08. "On Melancholy Hill"  by Gorillaz
09. "Beyond The Gray Sky"  by 311
10. "To You I Bestow"  by Mundy
11. "Angel"  by Gavin Friday
12. "Smokey Taboo"  by CocoRosie
13. "You've Got The Love"  by Florence + the Machine
.::Bonus Tracks::.
14. "Sexy"  by Black Eyed Peas
15. "Fever For The Flava"  by Hot Action Cop
  (some of you should remember this song from the WIP I did with Renji, Grimmjow, and Shuuhei.) 

Little Red Hunting Hood

01. "Intro"  by Gorillaz
02. "Cygnus. . . Vismund Cygnus"  by The Mars Volta
03. "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie"  by A Perfect Circle
04. "Special Delivery"  by The Offspring
05. "Drain You"  by Nirvana
06. "Hang Me Up To Dry"  by Cold War Kids
07. "Hardest of Hearts"  by Florence + the Machine
08. "Love Like Winter"  by A.F.I.
09. "What If We Could"  by Blue October
10. "Shadowplay"  by The Killers
11. "Howl"  by Florence + the Machine
12. "I'm Not Done"  by Fever Ray
13. "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drum"  by A Perfect Circle
.::Bonus Track::.
14. "Growing On Me"  by The Darkness
(my very cracky Byakuya-to-Gin song.) 

Now I just have to start and finish an Akon/Grimmjow FST. I'm surprised I haven't done one yet, considering they were my first pairing out of all of these. 
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