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*clears throat* Well now, I’ve got a lot to say in this entry. It’s my last entry, hence the “farewell” title. A few days ago my mom inevitably stumbled across some smut I was reading. Lol let’s just say she didn’t like her seventeen year old daughter reading that… Long story short she’s put an end to any writing and/or reading of the man porn!! Weird thing is, I’m not as beaten up as perhaps I should be. My mom and I have a pretty good relationship and I respect her undeniably. Also, we go by the rule that as long as I’m living in her house without paying I do what she says. *shrugs* That being said, that’s why I’m so willing to just let all of this go. There’s no denying that I’m disappointed about not being able to finish my stories, especially My King of Night. That one was my baby, and I’m certain that one day I’ll return to finish it ; ] Especially because Stark seemed so enthusiastic about it, and I never even got to the love-making scene for Kaku and Yumi. Trust me, the guy won’t rest until he smuts Yumi up.

Another reason why I’m not terribly torn. After a few days of not looking at LJ at all, I realized how it had taken over half my life. It was ridiculous really, and it also stunted my own creativity. The moment I stopped looking at fan fiction my original muses started speaking to me again. The boys and girls feel so neglected ;_; The reason I started writing fan fiction at all was because of a writer’s block I hit concerning my own in-the-works-novel. I think though that I would have kept putting it off had I continued with the fan fiction. Now I feel…free, free to focus on my original ideas and nothing else. I have about six babies sitting in my head right now, that need care and love to grow. I say that it’s time to move on to bigger and better things, wouldn’t you agree? I don’t mean to offend any other writers out there, but I’m not going to settle for writing fan fiction when I’m in my thirties. Even if I finish my novel and it never gets published, I’ll at least feel accomplished having tried and finished.

I’m going to leave my journal page up, just in case any of you would like to reread (why you’d be so inclined, I’m not sure). And of course like I said, one day I’ll come back to finish My King of Night. I might even write a little smut every now and then to get it out of my system. I have gay, lesbian, and straight relationships in my original novel, but nothing graphic. Le gasp I know, but I want to keep it clean so I have a wider audience *nods*

Oh and another thing. I’m so sorry to those of you who gave me prompts. Six of you if I remember right? Had I know that this would happen, I would have never volunteered my writing to all of you >_< Maybe I’ll do those too when I return, yea?

But oh I’m going to miss some of the stories that I read religiously. Stark’s Pieces I think I’ll miss the most, and of course anything from Chibi or Barukode. And I can’t forget the Renji x Nova that 2metal brought us *pouts* The day I come back, I’ll have to catch up like crazy.

Anyway this concludes my farewell entry. I must say that I love all of you, and I thank you all for you fantastic comments on my stories and your unflinching support. You people really made my stay at LJ worthwhile ; ]

*hugs, kisses, and love*

See you fellow pervs around!


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