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Oh fuck me.  The latest chapter of my shitty Grimm x Akon story refuses to cooperate.  I don't know why I still write it, honestly.  It's not like anyone even keeps up with it, with the exception of two or three people.  I think I'd abandon it if it wasn't for the fact that I promised myself that I finished it.  Simply because I've never had the chance to finish a story I've started.  

Ah shit, I think I'm just in a bad mood.  A bad mood that's lasted for about two weeks now, haha.  I've been down on Smoke and Mirrors and that's why it's taking me so long to update.  Usually it'd take me about four to five days between each chapter, but this time around it's taking me over a week.  I think I'm reaching two weeks at this point...

Anyway, shit story is shit.  But shit story is something I'll finish no matter how much I hate it.

Onto other news.  A family member got water on my ipod and fried it.  Somehow their water bottle leaked... and why their water bottle was in the same place as my ipod, I don't know.  But the good thing is that they bought me a new ipod that is 8GB when my last one was 4GB.  YAY I get more songs.  So I guess that is a plus? 

I also saw the Book of Eli yesterday.  It was...lacking, to be honest.  I'd give a more detailed review but it's late and I'm kind of brain dead.  All that needs to be said is this.  It was tolerable because I love any post-apocalyptic movie, but the plot needed some serious work.

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So I'm pissed at the world. I hate everyone and everything. Well not everything. I still love food and Nine Inch Nails and great fan fics. I still love my mom and my guinea pig Tiger. What I don't love is people talking behind my back, and people deciding they don't like me when they don't know me. And also people who stop talking to me completely and still think they deserve to be my friend. That covers about half of the people at LJ. Let's just say that at this moment, I hate half of LJ. Yea that sums it up pretty nicely. Luckily for most of you I don't own a gun, otherwise fandom would be losing some of its happy writers. Ok that was drastic, like I know where any of you live and like I'd even waste my time. And right now my computers being as big of a bitch as me, which is pretty fucking big. I also had a lovely talk with my mom earlier about gay porn and how she finds the missionary position between men highly disturbing. I thought this was hilarious and had to explain to her how I thought it was quite the opposite. "It gets me hot mom, oh yea." Well I didn't say that exactly but it was pretty much to that affect. I think she's getting better knowing that I write gay porn. Yay for me! That was one of the highlights of my day. That and a really nice comment I got on one of my stories... Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic about any of this. Oh but, I still hate half of LJ. 

Chibi, get to work on those stories.

Oh and this doesn't apply to anyone on my friends list... That would just be awkward. 


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