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❀ Everyone has dirty fandom secrets or guilty pleasures or unpopular opinions.
❀ List five of yours.

o1.  I have a thing for men in masks such as this one. Why is there not more of this in Bleach fandom? I also have a thing for men in lipstick (yes, yes I do) but am not a fan of cross-dressing. That means I don't get into Bleach boys walking around in skirts or heels -- except for maybe one or two fics that I've read, ha!

o2.  I enjoy yaoi bestest, yuri second, and het last. For me het is too predictable and too... mundane? There's also way too much focus (for the most part) on gender roles in het relationships. I hate that the majority of het feels the need to portray the woman a certain way because she's the woman, and likewise portray the man a certain way because he's the man. It's the 21st century, can't we mix things up a little? 

As for yaoi and yuri, holy hells does yaoi turn me on. Yuri doesn't so much get me hot and bothered as it does give me warm fuzzies. I read yuri for the awww's and yaoi for the harder, faster, come fucking on.

o3.  I once really enjoyed a fic of Isshin blowing Ichigo. Yea, I fuckin' admit it. And I'm still ashamed XD

o4.  The longer I'm with the fandom the less inclined I am to subscribe to canon pairings. Whether it be yaoi, yuri, or het, I'm just not into it as much as (certain) crack pairings. The majority of canon pairings get to that point of been there, done that. I also can't abide by the fangirls/boys that want to shove their theories down my throat. Dealing with fanon vs. crackon (haha, like the kraken! XDDD) is like atheism vs. many religious groups. The atheist really doesn't give two fucks that their view differs from the religious person, and they're perfectly content to live in peace with said religious person. But the religious person seems to take it very personally and tries their damnedest to convert said atheist, often times using very hostile methods that leave the atheist backed in a corner with 'you're going to hell for being a non-believer (SHUN THE NON-BELIEVER)!!' raining down on them like daggers. 

Yes I am both an atheist and I'm part of my own crackon community, and I say these things from personal experience...

o5.  See numero dos. The best het fic I ever read was for the Gurren Lagann fandom. The girl won a bet, and she got to fuck her man. Yes, she fucked him. It was the hottest thing ever. I'm not at all a fan of dildos/strap-ons, but I'm becoming increasingly fascinated by this phenomenon (thank you xlgimpsex for the 'sex isn't the enemy' site, because it had an abundance of pictures for this particular activity *_*).

For me the hotness of it has nothing to do with the girl getting one on the guy. No, it isn't that at all. This isn't an act of vindictive feminism, it simply comes down to the fact that the man is comfortable enough in his sexuality and his relationship with his woman that he's willing to put himself in that kind of 'vulnerable' position. To me that trust is very, very sexy.

(because this meme is kinda fun and I have more than just 5) 
I'm very turned on by the 'doggy style' sex position, whether it be between two men or a man and a woman. I fantasize about it and it really gets me hot and bothered, but at the same time it makes me uneasy if I read it and allow myself to think about it too much. Most likely because the majority of times that I've seen this position in movies/shows, or read it in fics, it's been used to degrade someone or during rape.

I'm not really a fan of BDSM. I have absolutely nothing against BDSM, it just doesn't appeal to me most of the time. The idea of it is all well and good, but the actual execution leaves much to be desired (imo). My thing with BDSM is that it doesn't seem spontaneous enough. I don't really have any experience with it personally, but from what I've seen there seems to be a big emphasis on things like safewords and talking it out with your partner beforehand. Which is great, actually, so I don't know why I'm complaining. I guess I'd just rather someone get slapped or sliced without any warning, just to see how they react afterward. HA!

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I will probably come make a long-winded, rambly comment later; I can't at the moment because I'm in a hurry, but OMG THAT PICTURE HOLY CRAP. :p I have a bit of a thing for masks like that as well, but it was the gauntlets/arm guards/whatever you want to call them that are making me drool.

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Date: 2010-05-25 09:03 am (UTC)
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It's an awesome picture, ne? I hadn't noticed the gauntlet/arm guard thingies, but now that you've pointed them out they really are sexy!!

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Date: 2010-05-25 09:04 am (UTC)
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It's an awesome picture, ne? I hadn't noticed the gauntlet/arm guard thingies, but now that you've pointed them out they really are sexy!!

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XD You've asked for it now. :p

1. Yeah...that we've already established, hott. You're right, there should be more of that in Bleach fandom. And now I'm tempted to write kinky fic involving masks. The first two guys from the left are sexy, the one on the far right isn't so much doing it for me, but he still has a bitchin' body.

2. Yeah, I agree with that. I find het boring to a large extent, because it often feels...almost forced, to me. Like 'he's a boy, I'm a girl, so this is how things have to go.' I find that when I do like het, it's when the relationship is a bit unusual for whatever reason, or the character are interesting and don't get swallowed by the 'OMG HET ROMANCE' vacuum of doom. I must actually find some good yuri to read, because the dynamics interest me, I've just never really read any.

3. You bad girl you. :p

4. SHUN THE NON BELIEVER! :p I know what you mean, though. I was a bit of a canon purist once, but I saw the light and converted because in the end, the non-canon pairings are the more interesting because you get to see how people can make them work (or not work, on occasion :p). But one of the things that drove me out of Vampire Knight fandom was how bitchy the shipping wars would get. Aggravating. Very aggravating.

5. I'm not a big strap-on/dildo person, but I see what you mean about the trust. The trust thing is always hot as hell.


On the BDSM, I know what you mean. I don't usually find it that sexy because, as you say, it's too structured/contrived. Though I will enjoy it if it's well written. I find I prefer BDSM elements in spontaneous smexing, which I suppose is the benefit of fic; in RL, it's probably dangerous to toss in the BDSM at random, in fic nobody gets hurt.

I should do this meme. Lord knows what I would reveal though...:p


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Date: 2010-05-27 07:48 am (UTC)
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1. DO IT. WRITE KINKY FIC INVOLVING MASKS. I plan on doing the same one of these days. They guys on the outside are kinda equal to me, and the middle is my favorite~

2. Exactly. There are only two het pairings that I'm interested in as much as yaoi. [ profile] xglimpsex's Akon/Lisa, and my own personal Mayuri/Yoruichi.

I think it's hard for me to enjoy yuri because the majority of Bleach women just don't interest me, and therefore the pairings don't interest me. That and, I don't really actively pursue yuri since it's not as sexy to me as m/m slash. BUT there was a pinch of yuri in [ profile] foxflare's fic, and it was 'crack' by yuri standards and I actually got crazy interested in it 8D

3. I KNOW *shame*

4. I used to be a canon purist too, but through a series of events ended up specializing in crack instead :P Though, it's been a rare thing that I've seen a crack pairing that's done well. The last one was that Kaien/Shuu candy shop one. So... these days I actually don't read very much fic, unless it's by someone on my flist.

5. I'm not a strap-on/dildo person either! But if a guy is bottoming, then I'm game XD

Bonus. Exactlyyyyy. I like the spontaneous inserts of BDSM themes in smexing, but understand why there's a need for it to be more structured in RL.

DO THE MEME! I want to know your dirty fandom secrets 8D

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Fuck. That first pic?! Yeah. I'm imagining the guy on the left doing the guy in the middle. The one on the right is just watching and wanking off...

1. Masks are hot! XD I kinda like mine more 'Phamtom of the Opera' type, where only the top half of the face is covered so you just see the eyes glittering from behind the mask; and then below you see all of the cruel yet sensual mouth smirking with lacivious intent. XD


3. Bad girl...

4. I love your crack pairings! ..and luckily, I have yet to come across an all out OTP crazy person that wants me to ship what they do... (oh, fuck. wait a minute... you're not talking about me, are you???!! O_O) BWAHAHAHA!

5. Pegging... gotta admit, that doesn't sound like my cup o' tea... but I don't read lot's of het.. so maybe I'm just missing the good fics...

Bonus#1. OH. HELL. YES.

Bonus #2. I've read some really good ones... not in Bleach fandom however... I guess this fandom doesn't really cross into that kink believably quite like some others can. (hah! perhaps shinigami are not believable as BDSM-ers?) ... damn, and just when I signed up for one on springkink...

dude.. I'll tell you my dirty little secret-- there's this guy at work who is tall and lanky, nice muscle tone, nice smooth skin, big eyes, luscious lips, wavy dark brown hair... He's just got this slight bit of... flair. Not overt in the least... looks straight (and probably is) BUT. I have the best time imagining him in my dirty mind as a bottom... DAMN. I don't see him too often, we just don't cross paths... but when I do... I spend a lot of time after that smirking and thinking warm pleasant thoughts! (why yes. i am a monster.) XD

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1. The mask and the leather and the chains oh my lawd *____* Too much hotness in one place, but it's so good. And so is your imagination; and you call ME the bad girl, ha!!

3. I KNOW OH MY GOD. I was blushing like crazy when I read it, from both arousal and shame and just-- -_-;;; I've also read a few Ryuuken/Uryuu ones I liked to... WHAT AM I DOING? IT'S SO WRONG!!!

4. You're lucky, I've had a few people push their pairings on me and I'm just like >_> T_T They tell me that they don't like my pairings, and then tell me to write theirs. WTF, SRSLY? PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE DDX

And yes misses, I could say that you are one of those rabid fangirls (because c'mon, you know that you are XD) but I love you to bits and you DID manage to successfully convert me to ByaRen, so it's nothing ♥

5. It's a weird thing, because I actually don't really like the 'moving' visual of it. It's kind of odd to watch a woman's breasts when she's pounding her man's ass... LOL. But I'm still in love with the idea of it. Shit, I don't care WHO a man's bottoming for, it's just plain hot.

Bonus#1. YES? YES.

Bonus#2. Oh? What fandom was it for? If it's a fandom I know I might be interested in reading it. Especially if you liked it when you haven't liked any Bleach BDSM. Maybe it is that Bleach boys aren't believable in BDSM roles, because I haven't read many BDSM fics that blew me away.

Again, you call me the bad girl XD Don't worry, I think all slash fans do it. I look at all kinds of straight men and like to imagine them in gay situations >_> That guy at your work sounds gorgeous and I WANT HIS NUMBER XD

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Date: 2010-05-26 08:31 am (UTC)
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Haha! you know, for all the yaoi i read, i actually do stay away from a lot of types of fics... O_o. incest. shota. rape fic. (het :P )... unless of course someone like you or a good writer i can identify wrote the fic, then I'll read it anyways cuz I know it'll be good. BUT, that said--- I love that you can say you love Quincest and Kuro-cest? XD Freedom of choice, yo! XD

I probably don't get the crazies b/c I write in too narrow a pairing. I only do a handful of characters... but you pretty much hit everyone, so maybe others feel...entitled?... to want to make you see stuff their way? i dunno. but definitely WTF and GTFO!!!

(what can i say, I'm a ByaRen cock junkie... I totally admit it!! XD)

B#1. totally down and dirty! HOTTER THAN HELL... I don't think it's degrading in yaoi (or any kind of sex), it's just like you said-- come fucking on!!

B#2. It was in Saiyuki. You know that one?

*smirks* yay for all us slash fans then!!
He is a pretty boy-- in a masculine way, I'll give him that! :) Makes my workday go by faster too! XD

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Date: 2010-05-27 07:59 am (UTC)
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HAHA!! Well I never said that I love Kurosakicest and Quincest, just that I've read a few fics that I enjoyed XD;; It's strange, I can handle a little incest in fandom, but I can't handle it when it's canon for a yaoi anime/manga. Then it just creeps me out, the same way that it creeps me out in RL.

I think I'm able to tolerate it in fandom because I can tell myself that it isn't real, so it's not like it's really happening, lol.

But I stay away from shota too, and rape fic. I can't think if there's ever been an instance in which I read rape fic... It's weird that I wrote one, ne?

That's quite possible ¬_¬ But just because I write a lot of different characters, doesn't mean I'm taking request. So yes, those people can GTFO!

B#1. Yea, I find that it doesn't squick me when it comes to yaoi; maybe because it's such a normal position for gay men? But with het it does... 'worry' me a little, just because I have seen so, sooo many movies where the guy bends the girl over a table and she's pretty powerless to stop it. So I'm a little >_< when it comes to doggy style and het, but if it's done right I think it's really hot.

Pretty masculine boys are always a joy X3

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Date: 2010-05-25 07:53 am (UTC)
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It shouldn't have, but your 'SHUN THE NON-BELIEVER' just made me think of Charlie the Unicorn. I love that thing. xDD

Anyway, my random stupidity out of the way, the masks. Hmm. I dunno. I'm not their biggest fan, I don't mind them and I can see why people do like them, but they mostly aren't for me. But I'm sure there will be an exception to pop up for that. As soon as I say I don't like something, I end up liking it. :P I

Ah het, enforcing gender roles everywhere. Therefore, points raised in #5 are agreed with.

I will have to try and give this meme a go. If I can think of 5 secrets...

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Date: 2010-05-25 09:02 am (UTC)
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I too love Charlie the Unicorn ♥

I just like the way it looks, being able to only see a person's eyes. It's like...mysterious to me, not being able to see if their smiling or frowning or what, and only being able to rely on the emotion in their eyes. And that for me is sensual!

Even 'yaoi' enforces gender roles sometimes, and that's when I don't like it ¬_¬ With the overly effeminate ukes that look and act so 'girly'.

Speaking of which, tonight I just discovered BARA manga. Hehe... It was a little overwhelming, and though I prefer it over the overly-aggressive seme/sobbing uke, it still isn't my favorite. The men are HUGE and hairy, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it XD;;


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Date: 2010-05-25 01:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

(I so do not quote Charlie the Unicorn all the time with my little sister and younger cousins... *shifty eyes*)

Mmm, that's very true. I suppose I never thought of it that way. But, nevertheless, there's still something I don't quite like about them. Just like I don't really like blindfolds. I wanna see the person's eyes, otherwise some part of the connection is missing. Or so I feel, with my total lack of experience. Then again, I can think of exceptions to that.

It does sometimes ne? :/ There is no escape. *headdesk*

lol, goodness. Sounds interesting to say the least. I've been reading Crimson Spell lately, which is totally PWP. It's fucking hillarious, and rather graphic.


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Date: 2010-05-27 08:09 am (UTC)
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See, now I need to watch the video all over again XD

Oh yea, I totally see (and agree) with what you're saying. I probably should've specified that I like masks as foreplay. Kinda of like people who strip for their partners during foreplay? I don't expect anyone to wear a mask during the fucking, because how are you supposed to kiss that way?!

Is Crimson Spell on mangafox? I might check it out. Play Boy Blues is pretty graphic too, and I could link you to one of the... tamer bara ones, if you're curious?

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Date: 2010-05-27 08:37 am (UTC)
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I could quote more, but I'm going to restrain mysef.

Ah yes, yes. I see what you mean also. Yeah that's what I was thinking too. It could get a bit akward... But hell, whatever turns you on. xD Oh, and I have done the fandom secrets meme. I just haven't posted it up yet because I need to track down links and stuff, but I shall indeed post it at some point.

No, sadly it's not. It used to be on there, I remember. I've been reading it here. I also just need to mention that it's not supposed to be funny. I'm just a spaz and think it is. But there is mansexing so it's al good. :P

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Date: 2010-05-27 08:48 am (UTC)
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I'm going to leave this here quickly (because I think I'm hitting the hay soon) and respond to the rest later :)

It's a link to one of the bara stories that I really, really enjoyed. And I'm pretty sure that there wasn't any sex-- ok nevermind, there's one itsy bitsy shot of his naked ass on the last page, BUT THAT'S IT! I don't think it should be too traumatizing in case it isn't your sorta thing (like I said before, guy's big and just a tad hairy...) But I just loved the sweet storyline XD

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Date: 2010-07-22 04:14 pm (UTC)
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Been meaning to respond to this one.

1: You know I saw and took photos of at least three people wearing masks like that one at Anthrocon (furry convention) this year. God the outfits! Anthrocon is like going to a convention filled with eye candy to put on my wishlist of goth wear and uniforms I wish I could afford (and of course, yes the fursuits too).

2: I am totally into yaoi. While I'm bi, for some reason I prefer my gayness. I will read the others of course though, however I haven't found any yuri yet I am interested in.

I did read your Mayuri/Yoruichi fic though, I can't remember if I commented on it. Loved how he was so pissed the whole time that he hadn't just gotten his "experiment" with her done and over with or at least haven't taken her like he has his other test subjects, and seeing him topped, I totally snickered the whole time seeing the alpha get used and put in his place! The verbal quips at each other are so great! (long time since I read it, so details might be fuzzy)

3: Really now? (No not asking for details. Ichigo is on my 'no' list) I am into the Grantz brothers though <the only incest pairing I have ever been interested in human material. Don't know why but some of the fetishes that I consider repulsive or am not interested in, somehow suddenly become 'cute' when it is done with anthros, and I find myself able to look at them without going "dear god my eyes!". 4: My pairings have never been canon, though setting them up is a pain sometimes because I need back-story, character development, and motivation. Though the mad scientists are easy enough to write for (the owl icon is my OC circa 2003 to current who is one). 5: Sweet! For me, I am pretty open to any gender topping or bottoming. Why be boring and stick to one thing? *1: Could never understand why there was that degrading stigma in the first place with the position. Then again I never understood why people find it humiliating to be likened to animals (which is where I heard the stigma came from), ever, which I see as brethren. *2: BDSM is great in practice (though setting up can be a pain and scenes can and do go wrong sometimes, which can ruin your confidence as a top), not in writing or art as much. SSC (safe, sane, consensual) just isn't as fun to write.

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Date: 2010-07-23 07:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
1. Oh?! What exactly is a "furry convention"...? Is it something like...bestiality? I hope I'm not offending you because I don't mean to, I'm just honestly curious and I'm not sure what you mean by "furry" XD

2. I prefer yaoi too, but I'm growing increasingly fond of het and yuri. I'm just incredibly picky when it comes to het and yuri, so I don't like most of it... I don't seem to be picky at all when it comes to yaoi, so it's kind of funny, haha. But I think most of it has to do with the fact that I didn't care for a lot of female characters. But now there are a few who are really growing on me... (I love Yoruichi, and Rangiku is pretty awesome too).

So, I like het with Yoruichi involved. Mainly Mayuri, but sometimes I like to entertain the idea of her with Grimmjow or Shuuhei, too. As for yuri, the only pairing I've found that I really enjoy is Unohana/Halibel, and that's all [ profile] foxflare's fault.

You read that fic?! No, I don't think you commented, but I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Thank you!!

3. AHAHA! It's quite alright, Ichigo is usually on my "no" list, except for the rare occasion. I'm not exactly sure what possessed me to read him with Isshin, but I did and yes, I did enjoy it. I haven't read an incest fic in forever, though. Normally incest isn't really my thing.

4. Which pairings are your favorite? I used to follow canon pairings years ago, but now the only canon pairing that I still like (on my own terms) is Kensei/Shuuhei.

5*1. I don't know where that stigma came from either... I would have never put the stigma there myself because I think "doggy style" can be very sexy, but I've seen soooooo many movies where it's used nastily, and that's what makes me sad :(

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Date: 2010-07-23 03:16 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
1: (Prepare for tldr:) A furry convention is very similar in style to an anime, scifi or comic book convention I would assume (never been to one, but I want to, have seen and heard a lot about them). Furry is basically a broad term for anyone who remotely shows an interest in anthropomorphic animals (human like animals, usually 2 legged characters, cartoons and talking animals) There are furries who are into beastiality but the number is pretty small and I am sure if they did the same survey about it amongst the general human population the number would be reflected there too as furry is such a small sample size and without a larger baseline to compare it to it is hard to make assumptions. Mostly the convention focuses on various things in the fandom that are fun (creating art, fursuits, how to build and take on the character, contests and dances in fursuits, puppeteering, comedy shows, skits, gaming, hanging out with other furs), and showcases furry artwork, including a dealer's den to purchase and sell wares, mostly original material that isn't able to be purchased anywhere else since most furry characters, comics, tails, ears, suits, etc have been created by the artists themselves. There is also a lot of crossover in the fandom, as plenty of furs are scifi geeks, gamers, anime fans, etc. We had the entire Team Fortress 2 team there, and quite a large Bleach presence (7 original character shinigami suiters, an Urahara, also supposedly an Ichigo and Rangiku who I did not see), as well as plenty of pokemon, digimon a couple Starfleet officers, some Cenobites and other anime characters, amongst the various canines, felines, cervines and rare species that were represented.

Fursuit is just a general title for a mascot type suit, and these have gone from crappy first time suits to fully automated jaws and ears and very sophisticated realistic suits, to fantasy creatures and everything in between.

Though to deny a sexual element in furry is a falsity. There is plenty of porn out there (and I have drawn some too), and stuff out there that is sexually based. However not all furs are into it, and it is natural for a fandom filled with adults with personal characters to have some sexualization of the materials, solely based on the fact that adults have adult urges.

However the fandom is not about that, and is rather, inclusive of anyone who is interested and conventions are kept family-friendly. Basically furries are usually people who never gave their cartoons up. There are plenty of spiritual furs who believe themselves to spiritually be the animal they picked (including myself) but even this number is heavily outweighed by people who simply like the genre for whatever reason.
Lol, the whole city welcomes the furs each year and there is a restaurant that put Fur in the name because of all the business it brings.

2: I've been thinking on tracking some Nelliel down cause she is so awesome (adult of course. I am not into shota/ loli). Unohana/Halibel that sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out. My main issues with the Bleach fems have been the lack of natural porportions, and the fact a lot of the characters seem weaker than they should as warriors, save for Yoruichi and Soifon, who are both epic.

3: Ichigo and Ikkaku are my “nos”, and not because I don't don't find them sexy, but because I look up to them, and so feel like it is something I shouldn't be seeing. I know it sounds weird for an adult to have cartoon heroes. lol. Pretty much anyone else I will read, whether I like them or not, if the content is interesting, or the story causes me to think.

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Date: 2010-07-23 03:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Totally thought I was logged in. *grumbles* Oh well, comment's mine.

4: Ulquiorra/Szayel is my first that made me go over the Rule 34 hedge, in over nine years, and is my favorite. Szayel/Mayuri and Szayel/Il Forte are close seconds, not sure which I prefer over the other. Ulquiorra/Grimmjow (but there is plenty Grimmjow, so no worries there). Any of the four of the arrancar with any of each other, preferably at the same time lol (I'm poly, so a good bit of my stuff is too). Don't care who tops or who bottoms. It's all good.

Am wanting to track down some Mayuri/Akon and Mayuri/Urahara.

Favorite shinigami: Renji, Ukitake, Yumichika, and Mayuri, but I consider him, and the other scientists kind of in a class all their own, cause I like all of them.

I've actually paired Il Forte with Ukitake and Renji in an AU fic, that became plot heavy and long, based on a long AU fic he was the main of (they aren't posted yet, as they are still WIP).

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Date: 2010-07-23 03:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Though I have agonized through two Ichigo fics because of the content, favorite was Foxflare's Modenkind, which was mind-tripping and awesome.

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Date: 2010-07-28 06:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oooooooh. It definitely sounds like a very intricate fandom!! I'm not a furry personally, because although I adore animals I have little interest in having them cross over into humanity :) But I will say that I seem to like the animal-like qualities in certain anime characters (the catlike qualities in Grimmjow and Yoruichi, the wolf qualities of Starrk, etc...)

But it sounds pretty interesting, overall, and I can relate to the idea of people believing that they're an animal in spirit (I've done this myself with my mom).

2. Neliel is pretty cool, but I've a hard time finding any ships with her that I really like. Unohana/Halibel!! I ship them like burning <3 I've written a couple of sentences for them at [ profile] bleach_muses, and I know that foxflare has too :) But as for the unrealistic proportions, I feel you there. That's always been my main issue with Matsumoto, but her role in the manga recently has softened me up to her... And Yoruichi is just so badass that I don't care how big her boobs are XD

3. Oh? That's really interesting!! I used to ship Ikkaku with Yumichika back in the day, and Ichigo with Renji. Since then I've lost interest in pairing Ikkaku with anyone, and Ichigo is just too young for me... I have a hard time believing that a 15 yr old human could have a real relationship with someone who's over a hundred years old. But, that said, I've really fallen in love with the idea of Ichigo/Ulquiorra thanks to [ profile] rii_no_ame, and it's hard not to ship Aizen/Ichigo when he flirts with the kid constantly...

4. Sadly, I never got into Szayel or Il Forte as characters. Il Forte wasn't there long enough and Szayel really embarrassed himself in front of Mayuri (but that's only my personal opinion).

Oh!!! I haven't seen much Mayuri/Akon (aside from that one ficlet by [ profile] xglimpsex, but [ profile] azirae is a huge fan of Urahara/Mayuri and she does a lot of really cute fanarts for them. It was her work that turned me onto Mayuri to begin with, actually :) Aaaaand [ profile] drabbleandfluff did an Urahara/Mayuri fic, that you can find here, if you're interested.

WHAT IS THIS ABOUT IL FORTE/UKITAKE/RENJI? That is a fic that I would read, without a doubt. All that HAIR.


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